Koris-Tahl is a small landmass that was unknown to the other nations until fairly recently. Peopled mostly by orcs, goblins and other “greenskin” races, their civilization developed more slowly than the rest, often crumbling under the weight of internal conflict and clan disputes. A rigid hierarchy has always been in place, but has been rarely followed, leading only to more civil wars and minor rebellions against whomever claims the throne of Overlord. The last few Overlords have been powerful figures, though, and have kept the hundreds of clans and tribes mostly united. They have recently begun exploring the other nations, leading a campaign of looting, pillaging and ravaging against any non-greenskin they find. Rumors have begun to circle that the current Overlord is actually an evil tyrant from another plane, molding the greenskin hordes into a weapon of terror and death to sate his eternal bloodlust. A few rare Koris-Tahl ships have been seen with other-worldly allies on board, and while this could simply be the work of ritualist, it is only fueling the fires of rumor.

The landscape of Koris-Tahl is a tropical hell on earth, with thick jungles giving way to salt-flats and deserts with craggy cliffs and snowcapped mountains. Evidence of centuries of battle can be found everywhere, with bleached skulls and rusting weapons readily found just about anywhere that can sustain life. Hidden, ruined temples to forgotten greenskin patrons dot the wilderness, and tall fortresses make up the population centers, surrounded by vast sprawls of tents and mud huts.

The economy of Koris-Tahl is almost completely supported by piracy, their “navy” little more than marauding savages. The vaults of the Overlord are becoming rather swollen with plunder, though, with the stolen wealth of the other nations. Many artifacts and relics of power have supposedly been lost to Koris-Tahl raiders alongside the masses of gold, silver and gemstones, making the prospect of raiding the treasure vaults of those fortresses very enticing indeed, though there has never been a known successful assault of this kind.


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