Wylder Ibn Fenrir

1/2 Elf from the desert of Almajiira, with a thirst for battle.


Wylder’s Past

A descendent of Valikin a werewolf lord who was the leader of mercenary band that had lived in the desert of Almajiira. Valikin a hero who helped save Almajiira, driven by boredom into a life as a freelancer. He would recruit warriors from the nomadic tribes, and with the upstart nation on one side causing trouble; there was plenty of work for a machinery band. Once it was discovered that Valikin was a werewolf with some evil tendencies (like eating the leader of an opposing army). He and his offspring would have been hunted down in an attempt to stop the spread of lycanthropy. As an elf Val would have had many years to cause trouble and sire children, and recruit other were-canines into his band. As a Skald-Warlord he would have made sure that he and his band had a legend that would last awhile, so the stories of the Wolf Captain were born.

As a direct descendant of Valikin, Wylder has the silver hair, and the pointed ears, but he is not a lycanthrope, or were-touched as others in his family are. Most of Wylder’s family is in hiding due to the fact that a good legend can give you a bad reputation. Wylder carries a large long sword that he uses as a great sword This sword was once owned by the Wolf Captain, and passed down to his children, and beyond. Wylder got it from his maternal grandfather. He and his brothers and sisters do think the sword is magic, or at the very least a lucky charm. So he would be very reluctant to part with the weapon. Wylder has left the desert in an attempt to not be hunted for a while. He plans on returning one day, and maybe even taking up where great, great granddad left off.

Wylder Ibn Fenrir

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